Friday, December 23, 2011

Galen's bolo tie.

with cow Elk Ivory and Turquoise.


There's a story here.
about a girl behind the bar.
who wanted nothing more than to make pretty things.
out of metal.

She enrolled in classes.
she you-tubed.
she took notes.
she bought all the gadgets.
she built a studio....
well, actually, boyfriend did.

She also had another job.
besides loving metal.
to pay for the gadgets. and the metal.

serving beer.
good beer.
sometimes lots of it.
in a small town.
in a small bar.
to good people.
for the most part.

Galen is one of those people.
and this is a piece promised for....oh.....2 years.
better late than never. right?
check that one off the list.

He is one of the few patrons at the brewery....
who actually was interested in what little miss bartender did...
when she wasn't bartending.
He gave her tips, and a huge piece of railroad track...
made just for her into an anvil.
to make pretty things on.
finished to a polish.
and painted dark.
just for looks.

It's nice to know that there will always be room for a few dreamers.
and there will always be a way to make those dreams reality.
with a little luck... a little beer....
and people who believe in you.

Merry Christmas.