Thursday, December 15, 2011

the month of ivories...

Hunting season for Elk here in Montana comes to a close right after Thanksgiving...
meat in the freezer. if you're lucky.
And if you're REALLY lucky, a set of ivory for the keeping.
or.....for the wearing.

Weird little things. They are actually teeth, or remnants of tusks.
These are Bull Elk Ivory. Big-uns.
Cow Ivory is a little different. Flatter. Thinner.
Ivory is so interesting.
Evolution is cool.


I just cut them flat with my jewelers saw, clean them up a little.
and presto! a unique little cab for the Elk-hunter's wife!

Bull ivories and turquoise for graham's wife....
these were the first set I've made.

Chelsea's post earrings made out of Bull Ivory. Sweet.

and these are Jake of all's for his mama.....
(bungalito-mover and Elk-hunter extraordinaire)
one good guy, right?
They're cow elk ivories.
Very different looking.
but still really pretty.
Funny how nature can do that.

And I think these are my favorites....they're for Richard's lovely lady.
Owahee Jasper with cow ivories....pronounced Oh-wahhh-he.
Love that jasper. So I made her a pendant too.
Who would have thought that Christmas this year would have been filled with remnants of hunting season here in MT. Great Christmas gifts, i'd say.

Off to eat some elk of my own... Meatballs.
and someday I'll make my own earrings with the Elk Jesse shot this year down in Dillon.
New Concept: Jewelry for myself.