Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chicks all grown up....

 artfully constructed outdoor pen for when the sun is shining.
not really chicken-proof. 

they like to escape.

 the black and white one's name is Winny, the only one we can tell apart from the others. 
She's a silver wyandotte.

and the friendliest of the bunch. 

rhode island red giving me the "eye".

dutiful guard dog.


Chickens are growing up, and hopefully getting an outdoor home this coming week.  There's a garden space in construction, and the weather here is finally acting like spring.  Green is such a lovely color.

School is also wrapping up at the end of next week, only a few classes left.  Em's gold ring is casted, and so now the next step is stone setting.  ooof.

I have been so busy in life, I have not had much time to sit and breathe.  

Today, I am doing just that.  

Tea and cookies.
Pajamas till 2.
Enjoying my chickens.
and my old lab.
my home, and good music.
a phone call to mom.

School's last bit has been tumultuous, and actually in the light of recent events at the college, and changes among staff, I have been distant....if not angry.  I can't really wrap my head around what is happening yet, and really feel, well, selfishly....a little slighted. The lifeline and support I thought I was building I feel like is uncertain.  In fact, it's falling apart around me.  I am frustrated with my peers, and my professors.  I am frustrated with academia.  I am sad that politics sometimes override common sense.  I am sad that poor judgement abounds, and snakes in the grass there are aplenty.  In the last weeks of class, instead of excited and nervous, I am sick.  My heart hurts.  I am loosing a great teacher, and my school that has been such a lifeline over the past 3 years is starting a slow path toward uncertainty.  So many questions. No answers.