Friday, August 26, 2011

empty pots

Summer's End. I killed all my Annual plants in pots on my front porch. Neglect.

The only ones that might make it are the geraniums.


Better luck next summer.

I feel a little bit like these pots. These crispy little plants I pulled out of these pots this morning. They are defeated. Sad. Hot. Burnt out.

I can't wait for the cooler part of summer, September.

I am traveling home to see my family. A much needed trip. I need my mama. She is my rock. My source of center. She always has a great treat in the fridge, iced tea in the afternoon, and lots of love to give. She's the kind of woman that would give you her shirt off her back if you needed it, if you were to ask for it. She is awesome. And, quite frankly, I miss the shit out of her. It's been too long since I went home last, and I am so excited to take the month of September to see everyone.

I also put in my notice at work.

which is daunting.

I have a good job. I like it. or I did.

Service jobs can do that to you. Burn you out.

It's not the people I work with, or the work I do really.

I honestly think its just time to step away for awhile.....and breathe.

Take care of myself. My crispy, wilty, little self.

I need some the form of family and travel.