Saturday, September 15, 2012


Montana is a big state.
Most people would agree, but what they don't understand is...

Montana is a big f*#*ing state.

It takes 9 hours to drive north to south, at 315 miles, and 12 hours (570 miles) from west to east.  There's less than a million people living here, in more than 147,000 square miles.  

To say Montana is a big state is an understatement. 

And to say it's rural is just plain......plain.
Wide open spaces and kind people,
small towns and tiny stops...
Miles and miles of road,
thousands of acres of gorgeous farmland.
greens and tans and sandy yellows.
The biggest blue sky you've ever seen.

and the best damn cafe EVER.

We drove through Ennis, MT on the way to Jackson. Population 800.

Best Lunch I've ever had.

I dreamt of this pie for days after.


simple and sweet.


Sometimes, that's all ya' need.