Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jackson etc.

So now the time has passed,
I am coming down from this jackson *high*

and it may take some time to digest..
the big question...

Is that rag and stone?

honestly I don't know.

Meanwhile, the etsy shop fills up with things trickling back.
Stuff I believe in, work I think is good.
Pieces of me in stone and silver.
Pieces that pushed me in directions 
I might not have found without a little applied pressure.


and I have been in the studio...
Once in the past three weeks.

My mama came for a quick september trip,
too short for me.
Once a year is just not enough.
my sister has called her home my home all summer.
and now has left for bigger and more fitting things.
Flown the coop, so to speak.

So the quiet of my home,
my empty nest...
the hum of the studio...
it's peaceful.

September has been one big blur...
I thought I would be pumping the brakes by now,
a quieter house and a calmer autumn.
but it's full steam ahead.
An Artist's gathering at the college in one week,
an invitation to a local *art walk* downtown in October,
custom work coming out my ears.
catch-up time. Piles of papers. invoices to be sent.
Sh** to get done.

Friends to be friends with.
Family to be thankful for.
Eggs laid. Carrots grown.

Build build build.