Tuesday, July 29, 2014

East Side, or taking the long way home

I listened to my new Brandi Carlile CD all the way home, 
until the car stereo overheated and started skipping beats that weren't meant to skip.  
I pulled over whenever I wanted.  
I felt the east side wind clear my head of all that unwanted life stuff. 
 I felt free as a bird in this big ol' sky.

It's humbling, this country.
Truly heartbreakingly beautiful.

The festival I just came home from is, without a doubt, my most favorite.  A weekend filled with lovely family not by blood and new friends I am sure to see again the next time around, with such friendly smiles and hospitality.  This is an undoubtedly *authentic* Montana experience.  I try not to use *that* word too much, as I feel like as soon as you label it as such, it looses it's soul and gravity.  But truly, this weekend epitomizes for me the reasons I moved to this state in the first place. 

 It's the feeling of this weekend that fires me up, and cements my home here in the west.

May you feel the dust of your feathers fall clear from this big sky, my people. 
May it lift you up in the sun and wind,
and leave you feeling more like yourself.

I know it did for me.