Tuesday, August 12, 2014

sneek peek: Feathers and other lightness...

A little Tibetan Turquoise....
in the fashion of Feathers and Flight.
An old idea trickling itself up out of the bedrock of my work lately...
a few words on this here.
and here. 

A few feathers to hold close,
to remember your lightness,
in a life of both light and dark.
To remember the beautiful act of flying,
through a limitless sky.



A little square of Labradorite to make any girl smile...

*Be the Light*
Labradorite and Sterling silver,
scalloped and chunky,
a little rope chain,
and a little heart and my "E" on the back.

A Labradorite square of inner light,
of shine and shimmer.
For the days when your light is less than you'd like,
when your inner torch needs a little fire.

Labradorite is a bringer of light,
and helps to stoke that creative fire...
so with this little amulet,
jumpstart your world,
enliven your enthusiasm,
cultivate that imagination.
Stoke that fire, girl.

All work to be posted in the shop Thursday 8/14!

xo Erin