Monday, November 22, 2010

arctic temperatures = productivity!

So looking forward to sharing with you these new pieces...kind of a sneak peak because I haven't added them into my etsy store yet....

here's some more glass cabochons, and oh man the depth they have. It's like looking into a flourescent pool of paint. (parker...a cabochon is a stone or glass or whatever with a flat bottom and no holes so you can put a really thin piece of metal, called a bezel, around it, solder it to a base plate, and squish the "cab" into the bezel really tight so it doesn't move : )

THese are a part of a theme that lately I have been loving. Even in the very cold north, where lately it has been sub-zero temperatures, G R O W T H is challenging. We have a very short growing season and you must take into consideration that it can freeze in august, or rain in february. And I am not just talking plants here folks.

I live in a smallish town, Whitefish, MT. There are about 8,000 year round residents and if you get the chance to stick around long enough, you will start to realize that everyone knows everyone, you walk into the bar, grocery, gas station, post office, and usually always see somebody you know. Which is part of the reason I love where I live. Also the part of my life that gets very itchy feet, very impatient, and always ready to drop EVERYTHING and do something else, be somewhere else. Lately, I have been in G R O W mode. I love what I am doing, I love my job that pays my bills (bartending at the local brewery) and I love my job that doesn't pay my bills (rag and stone). The goal is to G R O W from one into the other. The trick is to breathe, be patient, and DONT BUY PLANE TICKETS WITH THE CREDIT CARD!