Friday, December 3, 2010

Going to be the best market yet! These ladies, as I have said before, are just the BEST! They put on such a great market, and you know there will be something there I won't be able to pass up....

THIS MARKET in particular is one of the best.........friendly, creative, not your average christmas decor. I will take all kinds of pictures because this is just a feast for the EYES....oh, and there'll be cookies and coffee and cocoa too.

I hate to say it, but I am a SUCKER for christmas. I love the baubles, the colors, the music (oh yes, bing crosby and Amy Grant, the Mannheim Steamrollers, and all that corny stuff you cringe at while walking the aisles at Home Depot.) I love the snow, the season, the crappy fruitcakes that come in tins, bottle-brush trees, and santa. Every December I get this little sneaky Decor bug, I want a christmas tree waaaaaay too big for my house, I want a fireplace with stockings, and a wreath. I don't know why really, My mom was never super crazy about christmas, It isn't like I grew up with a ridiculous christmas or whatever, I think I am just a sappy Christmas person.
Being a part of a seasonal community, where it's feast or famine seasonally, I really can't go home for christmas....I could never make up the income, pay for the flight, and come back home afloat. So this market is really great, always has been, to sub for mom-time, and sis-time. This market reminds me so much of my mama (SHE WOULD FREAK OUT), it makes me sad she hasn't been able to see it yet. Soooooo, I will post lots of pics, soon to come, so that my mama can see it too! (oh, and my sis too. She asked me yesterday if I ever thought I could make it home for christmas, and I was instantly crushed. If she had to ask, it's bad. I suck.) SO this market is a little of friends, a little of family (near and far), and a whole bunch of CHRISTMAS!