Monday, December 13, 2010

Just a few goodies I whipped out this weekend....LOOOOVE this fused glass. The top is a pendant I haven't quuuuuiiiite finished up yet, still working on the chain and how it hangs. Just thought I would give a little peak at the soon-to-be-listeds....

The blue glass had me inspired to write ".b.r.e.a.t.h.e." on the back of both the pendant and the back of the ring. I feel like there is something so calming about this blue, and something so calm about the word breathe. It's like taking a breath while saying it....These pieces are so special and sentimental to me, their existence has come at, I feel, a really crucial point in this year for me. I am a very impatient virgo. I over-analyze, over-work, and over-process. I become this little ball of tightened rubber bands that are, at any moment, going to give up, spontaneously combust. I am a realist, somebody who takes themselves fairly seriously, and I take my work VERY seriously...I don't like to be set up for failure, so I want control of the situation so I KNOW it gets done right. But the part i tend to forget is this.....very BREATHE.

CHill out, and just straight up BREATHE. (man i painted us virgos to be slightly neurotic and kinda crazy, we are also amazingly loyal, loving and giving people too....i swear.)

The holidays especially tend to bring the "crazy virgo" out, and with my heart and soul into Rag and Stone, but still carrying out a day job, I find that balance can be hard to find.