Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas...and Happy new year! Hoping you all are having a lovely christmas season....have been, in less words than more, BLURRY.

THis christmas was the first for Rag and Stone, and lemme tell ya....LOTS of things have been happening. I have sold a lot more jewelry than I had expected, added gift certificates to my store that ended up a huge success, made custom work and my first men's wedding band, and the biggie: I have RETAIL SPACE DOWNTOWN! THis happened just a few days before christmas, a lovely woman named Leslie has given me a fabulous space in her shop to showcase some of my work! I will post more on that later, but in a nutshell, She is an absolute blessing (and her impromptu-carpenter husband who made the most AWESOME custom jewelry case) !

Here's some pics of the wedding band, which, I will admit, I struggled with. I had to make that sucker twice! That's also a whole 'nother post. But the gal who commissioned it is just a DOLL...and I think this is just what she wanted for her man.

So much more going on also, we are moving on top of all this, so i am lucky to know where my own underwear is at this point! Last week I probably couldn't have even told you my middle name. Blurry i guess is the best word to describe the past week. I will get pictures of downtown space for you, because it is just gorgeous....and Leslie too, because this woman kicks ass.