Sunday, June 26, 2011


545 west 8th street

So the big news I have eluded to, the reason why I have been a little loopy, a lot less focused, stressed and blurred, completely distracted at times, my source of great excitement and surreality......I am now a great big 'ol adult.....Jesse and I bought a house.

a great house.

a cute, fun, adorable, exciting, quirky, old house.

in whitefish.

in town.

right downtown.

where I can ride my bike to work.

and the post office.

and the grocery.

with the woods and a creekbed right behind us.

with deer in the yard.

and big trees.

and garages.

with room for the bungalito.

and all of jesse's crap.

with a porch for tex.

and room for my own garden.

and for flowers and a clothesline.


so exciting.

I really still don't know what to think. We have been here now two weeks and it seems like we just got here, every day I walk in the door. My door. To my kitchen.

It is all so great and overwhelming.