Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Thoughts today.

About how lucky I am to have the group of people around me that I am proud to call my friends.

great people. good hearts. good souls.

It really makes a difference.

Positive life breeds positive life.

Positive thoughts too.

And in print, having to type all that, reminds me exactly how important it is....

never take your days, your people, or your creativity for granted.

Because someday you will wake up, and everything will change. Life evolves, and you do your best to evolve too. Nothing is still, stagnant, unless you believe it to be.

I am not stuck.....I sometimes trick myself into believing that....stuck in my job, stuck in finances. just stuck in the mud and the mire.

Life is good. and deserves respect.

Creativity is good. and deserves time.

And never forget that it is the PEOPLE that you have that make life rich. And I am very lucky to have hit the jackpot here folks. Gold. Solid Gold.