Saturday, June 18, 2011

Post Adventure Depression

also known as PAD. That's what we all referred to when we were in AK, knowing that this trip of a lifetime was slowly coming to an end.....back to the real world......

I have really had NO time to process this amazing adventure. Jumping back into life has been such a whirlwind. My job is off-the-hook-busy, I have been pulling 50 hour weeks trying to whip the brewery into summer mode. (for all of you joining, I help manage a tasting room and bar in Whitefish, the Black Star Draught House) We have 6 new employees, doubling our staff, a new menu, and a whole bunch of rain that keeps the brave tourists inside, and the weaker-at heart at home. It's been a weird start to the summer season.....slow....and nuts for me.....but not because the bar is busy.....

studio time is next to nil.

and mostly, I just wish i was still in AK. I met some of the BEST folks, all with an abounding zest for life, and adventure, and the outdoors, truly a masterpiece of friends. SOOOOO...I thought i would share a few of these great people with you.....I miss them all.

the lovely Emily....she built her own boat.

Canyon, fairly dubbed the "cruise director"....none of this would have happened without him.



Ladies....from left Robin, Grover, and Emily.

my man and his morning coffee...

The other double kayak, Chris and Robin, they were much faster than Jesse and I.

Leaner and Grover....

There is nothing better than meeting people, connecting with people in the world who share the same fire for life....all of these folks I am proud to have met and traveled with.
This trip has also served as a platform for friends to start up a non-profit for youth in the outdoors.....check 'em out! GO YAKIN!