Wednesday, July 20, 2011

....... getting a little nervous for this thing this weekend

.......Not gonna lie.

Arts in the Park is in kalispell friday, saturday, and sunday
....and i really have no idea what to expect. None. Nothing. Nada.

I had to pay a boot-full of money to be in it (and for shows i am sure it is on the low-cost end of things, but man, sure does suck to put up a couple hundo and not know if it's going to be seen again) . It is juried, and photos were judged early spring, the whole gamut went down before alaska. And at the time sounded like the next step....

I have been doing farmers markets this summer, and have been for a few summers now, but this is TOTALLY different. Playing with the big kids this time folks, and hopefully I dont look like the snotty-nosed little kid on the bike with the training wheels and clickety-clackety things on my bike spokes....

I think the scary thing about this show is that it's three days, from 9-6 saturday and sunday....and 10-5 sunday. What the F am I going to do for that long!??? What if i have to pee???? What if I dont sell anything??? What if I sell Everything????? WHat if my prices are too high....too low???? What if's continue on and on and on and on.......and it is driving me crazy!!!!! If you have any "show" advice, please comment!

I did make a sweet sign today, out of canvas and some sweet little grommets. A way for the big kids to at least know who I am....hehe.

It made me feel a little better about this impending showtime....

sweet grommet action.

And I like how it turned out. I tried doing a little paint creativity behind the words, but it just looked sloppy. It's a big version of my business card, and I just love that color!

And I did do some inventory, I am hoping it's enough! What do you think about taking stones with me and offering to do custom work with the stones I bring, or something like that? Does that work, or am I inviting a whole pain-in-the-arse project that maybe isn't worth it? and the biggie, should I bring the super-rad oak table that I got at the vintage whites market, just for a great booth display, or too much of a bother? It is the perfect size, but is definitely "furniture" and I just don't that too much?

Hope you all have a lovely week, and I will let you know how the show the meantime, I am going to shake off this nervousness, put on my big-girl britches, and maybe go play in the garden. Dirt always helps. Much love, Erin.