Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I had such a great weekend....for a lot of reasons.

1.) I met some really great artists in the valley here who make their living being artists, year-round, and they all are so excited for me, and want to see my art succeed....that kind of open-arms-community is really refreshing and positive. Jennifer and Erik, you rock.

2.) It really is okay to wear a ribbon, with the title "ARTIST". I have always struggled with this word, and I believe all artists, makers, crafters, creators....whatever you want to call yourself...have also struggled with that title at one point or another. I am coming to peace with my inner "Fuck that....I don't need to define anyone" attitude, and I am trying on for size this word: Artist.

3.)I made back my money, and then some. Maybe not the clamoring for jewels that I had imagined, and got pretty nervous for, but definitely enough. And so thats cool.

4.) First time for everything. Always something to learn, someone to meet. I passed out a LOT of business cards, so that is cool too.

Being my first "show", this was definitely a good one to start on.....

so now back to the studio, 'cuz Bigfork Arts Festival is next!