Friday, July 15, 2011

Feathers and Bones continued.

Beautiful bones. in blue.

Feathers for the future, bones for the past.

I had a dream, very vivid. Almost lucid. I could smell the smoke.

and the earth, and everything around me.

I could tell i was in good company, warmth.

Very dark skies, smoke, and a fire.

I was in a field....or a thicket....

A blue-eyed shaman followed me to the fire.

Eyes cool as the glacier blue ice, gapped teeth that showed his age and his life.

He smiled and handed me a feather.

He told me everything would be fine, finally some peace.


Working on some great things in the studio lately, getting very excited and nervous.

Kalispell Arts in the Park is next weekend. yikes.

I have been wicked busy. blurry busy. house busy. studio busy.

Markets lately have been lovely, and just what I have been craving. It's very nice to get a chance to show my jewels in my hometown, something I haven't really had the chance to do yet.

And the best thing this week........ my orange living room.

fresh orange!

Thanks to katie, my lovely neighbor, who did all the edges....(saint)......we got this all done in an afternoon. Having a home is really fabulous. Next project is my shade garden. I am going to have to wait a bit for that. Come to find out, paint is cheap. Plants are not.