Wednesday, July 6, 2011

yesterday's market love

Market yesterday was just awesome....great music. good people. and I sold a few things (YAY).

So funny, this gal came up to my table.....
"Excuse Me....I don't....uh....mean to be rude.....but could I buy your flowers from you?"

I laughed heartily and told her she could just have them....juice jar and all.....there's a huge bush in my front yard right now that is going bonkers, poor peonies are so beautiful and heavy that they tend to lay on the ground.....too heavy for their own good! She refused to let me give them to her, so I reluctantly took a couple bucks....and the funny thing is......she wants me to bring her more next week! HAHAH! Never occurred to me to sell the flowers in my yard, or off my table for that matter.

Anyway, great market. Peonies caught wandering eyes, thats for sure. I am getting nervous for summer shows. I have never done a full day show, let alone a whole weekend.....starting to realize I don't have enough stuff....and the days are getting warmer and longer and more beautiful by the minute here. It gets harder to stay in my studio, harder to be inside. Summer is so short in Montana, soon there'll be snow again and 10 months of solid, uninterrupted time to make to my hearts content. The house is a bundle of projects, work is full blown, and all I can think of is how much I need to create....and soon.

.........overwhelming sigh.............

I think I will go get some mint from the garden and make mojitos. Want one?