Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bigfork arts Festival....success!

Bigfork this weekend was such a blast, Rag and Stone was a hit!

This is Christina, who makes the most gorgeous 8-fabric skirts....she was very fun to be next to for the weekend....I got lucky with some good neighbors....I also sat next to Ron Adamson, he's a sculptor and wood carver from Libby, MT. I didn't get a picture of him, but also good company for the weekend.....It's definitely the neighbors, the other vendors around you, that can make your weekend REALLY fun, or a drag. I definitely got lucky, good people. Good time.

My booth was a hit, everyone loves the trunks, it is an eye-catcher for folks, they comment on the trunks, and then realize there's pretty jewels ON the trunks.....I loved it, the feedback was so positive....I heard a lot of words like "refreshing" and "different" and "original", so those are always great things to hear. And lots of folks liked that my booth wasn't "overwhelming" with jewels, (I actually didn't have much to bring with me, so the sparse jewels work, people like the breathing room i think) so all in all a great first bigfork show.

so now it's back to the studio....I have lots of gaps to fill for the last stretch of farmer's markets.....and thank you everyone for your support this show....what a cool experience, a good one, and one I would like to do again next August.

Jesse took off for the Bob Marshall Wilderness today, lucky dog is paddling the gear boat for a volunteer crew through the woods this week....I would have loved to go, but that damn day job gets in the way! So I think I will gear up for a home-fluffing week, It's nice to have the house to myself, where I can rip down things, put things up, and paint! Bedroom is next.

Side note, GREAT lady starting a Jewelry blog, called JMWH Jewelry, who asked to feature my work from Etsy on that blog....So check it out!! Great idea....the blog is all about jewelry art and artists through Etsy......I have a feeling she is going to uncover a lot of great talent........Thank you so much Jennifer, how awesome!