Sunday, August 28, 2011


Taking off for just 24 hours always does me the most amazing world of good.

Playing outside.

Cooking outside!

Everything in our breakfast burritos were from the garden, minus the eggs. How awesome!

My Men, so handsome.

The past few months have been really crazy, and really hard. Montana's summer is so short, and it is bittersweet that the nights start cooling off and the evening light is starting to change. But its nice, even at the end of August, to be reminded when we can get away, that I really am a very lucky person. I have a fabulous man in my life, and sometimes I think that's the only reason I am not entirely crazy. The summer has kicked my ass. I am tired. Sore. Burnt. My house and my studio is a disaster. My job drives me to the edge of my patience. I miss my family. I wish summer wasn't so short.

But also I have to remember, buck up buckaroo! I am moving in the right direction. Quitting my job is going to be hard, but so liberating..... I feel like my job is what a friend the other day referred to "herding cats", and that is how I feel in a nutshell. I have worked at the brewery for 3 years now, and I am absolutely fried. My attitude sucks. I am to the end of my "nice-rope" and I am afraid what that means exactly. I am not an angry person, but lately, that's not the case. Pissy i think is a good way of describing me lately. ick. not good. And aside from my piss-iness, I am also scared shitless about being unemployed. But I need to remember that being scared only leads to being brave. And really, I have been calling my leave a "sabbatical" because, every once in awhile, Artists need day jobs. It's not that I don't believe in Jewelry paying for my life, but it sure is nice to have a backup plan.

And as far as the summer kicking my butt, I think it has also given me some hope and motivation...that this Jewelry, my passion, my medium, really has potential to be a life-style, a fullfilling JOB. There is nothing I want more than to sit in my studio and work. And I am willing to make some sacrifices to make that happen. Doing shows this summer, and the markets, and picking up a few wholesale folks along the way, has been very empowering.

Empowering enough to quit my day job.

Uhhhh, so no what?
this is what I've got so far....

1. Go home.

2. See Family and love it.

3. Drive home, to Montana. and Jesse. and Tex. and my house, that could use some love.

4. Go to the STUDIO....AND MAKE STUFF. and don't come out until Christmas.

follow-thru is a bitch. ain't it.