Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Three Sisters

I had made a grande plan a few weeks ago, a great big and pretty ambitious plan, that I would finish a series of rings called THE THREE SISTERS.
They would be beautiful together, three pieces of Jasper, all with different personalities, but similar styles and color, they had to be sisters......But as I know, having a younger sister myself, that sisters DO NOT like to be the same! Each ring would have their own special personality, a little cut out underneath with their names according to their temperments and styles. They would all be individuals, and beautifully complimentary.

Then summer happened, farmer's markets piled up (and cleaned me out) and then I was panicked....not enough inventory to make a real impression.....and mostly not enough time to finish my sisters! I was so bummed...not bringing these stones to Bigfork together to me meant I was really unprepared, and they would never get to be together in a show. I had it in my romantic little head that they were, without eachother, just another set of rings.

I got a few great pieces of jasper from my stone man, Merlin. I have written about him before, and really he is the best......When I saw these stones, I needed them in rings....all of them.....and they really could be sisters....the funny thing is that they are all Jasper, in similar shades.

From left to right, Willow Creek Jasper, Cripple Creek Jasper, and Rocky Butte Jasper.

They would be GRACE, HARMONY, and GLORY.

Three sisters.

Or thats what I wanted.

So I started in on these projects, three big cabochon rings, a few days before my big show in Bigfork. And if any of you have done big shows, the last thing you want to be doing the day before one is starting a ring from scratch.....I was burnt out, and ready to have this show over before it even started. I tried, I hustled, and in the end, only GRACE and GLORY ended up in the show. HARMONY is still sitting on my desk, lonely and upset.

Sooooo, Bigfork went really well. I wasn't as unprepared as I had felt the night before, scrambling to finish these rings, putting the last finishing touches late into the night....I look back on it now and realize how ambitious this really was, and how crazy I was being, how borderline obsessive, thinking I was letting myself down by not finishing all three. But that's a Virgo for you folks, nothing is ever good enough. It was very important to me to have these rings all together, all sisters under the same house, all co-inciding peacefully. Little did I know, that is rarely how sisters work.

Needless to say, I came home with GLORY, who found herself in my ETSY shop today, GRACE found herself a home with a lovely woman I met in Bigfork, and HARMONY is still pretty pissed she isn't quite finished yet.

I swear I will finish her soon.

Three sisters.
Harmony, Grace, and Glory. Too bad they never got along together quite as I had planned.

The only one who was gracious enough to pose for pictures is Glory.....

To all the sisters out there, who are struggling to be individuals, who are trying their best to be patient, to be strong, to be kind, to be helpful and understanding....

who want nothing but the best for their siblings, and want mostly........ just to get along!