Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nancy and the LOVE!

My new friend Nancy asked me to set this bone from New Zealand for her this summer, and up until lately, I hadn't even had time to look at it. It is very sentimental to her, a gift from her son, so when it's bail snapped, she was devastated.....

It's funny how jewelry will do that to you. Make you sad, or glad, or bring you to tears....I love this about metal-work, and always have. I think it's the reason I really love it, why it clicks so much more for me than pen and paper, or paint and canvas....... It makes my heart sing to give someone a little bit of keepsake, a little bit of their story in form of stone and silver. Such a gratifying part of making something....and giving something.

The worst is over with my last few shifts at work, and I feel a huge rock being lifted from my shoulders....and Colorado is only a short week away. Fresh breath of air, here I come! (and I apologize for being such a wet blanket the past few posts, Life is good and when the creative juice runs's just time for a bit of change....and okay, it ain't all that bad. I love my life.)

Also, I am turning 27 on the 5th. and If you know me at all, I LOVE BIRTHDAYS. and not just mine. I love ALL birthdays. Any reason to celebrate life in general....just makes me giddy. I think all birthdays are a HUGE deal, and regardless of the sentiment of some people, ALL birthdays should be CELEBRATED!!! Wine, Food, and a good 'ol S A L E.

Since celebration is in order.....
I have decided to cheer on the big 2-7 with 20% off all of my stuff in my ETSY store right now. So if you have been waiting for a great time to spring on some keepsake for your soul, here's a great excuse!

Thru the 5th of September.

Much love, Erin.