Monday, November 28, 2011

Holy three days 'till MISSOULA Batman!

Cranking out all kinds of stuff.....
It's 7:30pm.
and I can barely see straight.
Been in the studio since 8:30am.
and I know that's amateur for some Artists...
but, whoah, this is kicking my butt.
Things are getting done, though....
and many pretty things made.

can't really think well, so leaving you with my new boxes and stickers.
pretty slick, eh?

kind of like Jenga, only jewelry boxes.

OOOOH, Also!!! Check out RURAL WOMEN ROCK for their holiday gift guide.
lots of cool stuff. and great ladies. and a cool blog too. Featuring lots of cool handmade stuff!

I love this tote,

found here!

My ring is listed for the gift guide too!
woot woot!
stamped on the back of this whopper.
bad ass.

She's large, and in charge.
Listed in my ETSY shop.

allright. nighty-night.
things are getting silly.
hearts, E