Sunday, November 20, 2011

Winter is fast approaching.
and the deer are hungry.

I went out today and shook our apple tree so this little baby would have something to nibble on that was actually on-top the snow, not under it.

And I don't like deer.

Actually, I despise them. Since we just moved into our home this summer, I have lost 3 rounds of strawberry plants, a few bushes, and an entire slew of potted plants on the porch. They even ate the apples I picked, that I set on the front porch, and they helped themselves....RIGHT OUT OF THE BASKET!

I love gardening....and these things are worse than aphids, mildew, root-rot.
But, They love my apple tree.
And I kind of actually feel bad for even thinking of putting a
HUGE fence around my property,
7 feet tall to be exact,
so those little shits can't eat my new garden.

It must be the time of year where winter isn't quite here yet, and everything seems to be scrambling (including Jesse and I) to get ready for another winter.

Yes, I kind of feel bad for them. And I fed the damn deer.


confession of the day.


another note,
new Ring Today!
all about winter,
The most gorgeous petrified wood in WHITE.
winter white.

introducing.......Winter Lilly.

New 3-petal back I am trying out....
a bit of a puzzle at first, but I love how it looks!
Listed in the etsy shop today....


Hope your sunday was lovely!