Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rock Shoppin!


oh no.
He was here.
The guy.
You know who I mean.


not even kidding you. My stone guy's name is merlin.
And he comes to the college every November.
And he teases us all with his little shiny rock-candy.

"Ya can't eat 'em, Erin. Ya' can't eat 'em."
I love that guy. He is like an old uncle who just loves to give you a hard time.
I brought him lunch. We visited. He gave me hell for bringing him soup and bread instead of his requested "somethin' off the dollar menu, and two pies."

I told him I don't eat that McDonalds crap.
And eat your soup, it's getting cold.

He's that ol' fart who makes jokes in the post office line about screaming kids and the weather. He owns a Harley, and hates stuffy rock-folks. He goes to the Tuscon gem show every year, and stays at what he likes to call "the dive" and is proud of it. He cuts the most ridiculous stones, artisan quality shipped all over the world, shipped to "fancy art-folks" in New York City. But he's gritty, and I love it. And He always makes a priority to come to the school. Which is so awesome. I've been buying cabs from Merlin for 3 years now, and it is always a highlight of November. He has the tendency to slip shiny objects you've been eyeballing in your hand, or pocket, or purse....with a snicker or wisecrack about how "they're just rocks". I usually pencil in the whole day, just slobbering over colorful Jasper, Agates, Opal, Lapis.....the guy has a little of everything, and I usually geek out about where they came from... with an old man who would consider himself "a dirt-ball". And I love it.

Merlin moved to Livingston this year, which is quite far away...I used to be able to pop in on him at his shop in Plains, less than two hours away. And NOW....he lives almost 350 miles from me. boo.


I went shoppin'!

His specialty is Montana Agates, so I scooped up a bunch of them.
Most all is Jasper and Agate.
I passed on a whole bunch of stuff....
which just means I will have to go to Livingston when this supply runs out!


(picture from last year, I forgot to get a pic yesterday....crap!
pretty much the same though, he hasn't changed a bit)

some of these rocks are spoken for, but if you see something in the quiver you love, just holler.

-love Erin