Friday, November 18, 2011

rooted in love

Rooted in Love.....
Amethyst Sage Jasper pendant.

Love where the darkest of days hang over you...
love where the coldest wind stings your face...
and there are still arms to hold you.
even if you are
not exactly
the best version of yourself today.

love in family.
in the act of being a family.
by blood or no.
imperfect but always there.
even if you
aren't exactly
the best version of yourself today.

Because, face it.

sometimes we aren't the person we know we should be.
not our bright-eyed best.

but your roots set you right.
a nice plop into the ground.
Set you up vertical...
straight enough? oh sure.
give you a couple stomps to the loose dirt around you.
and you are...

just fine.
Your roots will set you right.