Friday, October 29, 2010

"Ive never met a stone I don't like." -Merlin the Lapidary guy

I have befriended a lapidary guy! Here's some treasures from Merlin's stash (oh yeah, you bet his name is merlin, and he sells stones for a living). He comes to the college every fall, and I try to catch him every time, he cuts the most beautiful stuff, and it can be kind of hard to find quality stuff in this neck of the woods. His specialty are montana agates, and they are absolutely gorgeous. I stopped by his very small garage shop on my way from missoula one day, this man has piles and piles and PILES of rocks....some are big, some are cut, some are green-grey, others black as night. Some are buried under the past 6 months of the local newspaper.... the man has rocks coming out of his ears. This guy is great, not your swanky rock dealer that is for sure. And I got a hug from him this time, because "we're friends now, and friends get hugs".

I could stand in front of these stones all day, lusting after each and every one.
He told me "you can't eat 'em Erin"....oh how true. But they are just so pretty!

These are jade pieces. They came from a slab some dear friends brought back with them from New Zealand a few years ago...Merlin cut them for me, and they are just awesome. The little square one I think is my favorite.

Looking forward to playing in the studio today with my new treasures from Merlin!