Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When the bee balm is frosty, you know its time for the garden to start coming down....

Fall for me is all about the harvest. I have an awesome garden that i share with Jesse's Dad...I guess it's the family garden, everyone gets a little produce, helps out a little, and thank goodness, cuz the garden is too much damn work for just one person! There is still nothing much better than a good day in the dirt, even as a young adult, I love the dirt just as much as I did when I was little. It's almost the more dirty I am, the happier I am.
There's a LOT that needs to happen this fall, And the frost is surely approaching! I have been canning like a mad woman...I have so much produce this fall it is a little daunting. Jesse helped me dig up the remainder of potatoes, I covered carrots with straw this week, and have been putting stuff in the freezer for the long montana winter. SO needles to say, the studio time has been a little lacking...i got stuff to do, and it's all got to happen before it dumps snow on us!
Jamie, my hired hand, when its nice out and we have brought coffee with us! And all the potatoes we could find.