Thursday, October 7, 2010

So I have been very busy in life...maybe not so much in the jewelry department....

I just came home from a much-needed dose of city life...
Seattle is a beautiful city, with lots of art and crazy art life all around. Cities are always so good to visit, a reminder that not everything is small, not everything is quiet, and EVERYTHING is considered ART....a gentle nudge in the right direction.

While I was visiting a great old friend, I got to roam around the museum with a guy I met at the hostel, poor dude...he had no idea I am just about THE WORST person to go to an art museum with, I feel bad for not warning him earlier....I can stand in front of a painting for waaaaay too long and forget anyone else is even in the building. I scribble little notes on all my receipts from the trip, run back and forth between rooms, and generally annoy any company I keep due to my scribbling and time-obliviousness. There's something so cool about art museums that is very understated, I absolutely love that Jackson Pollock, Byzantine jesus paintings, egyptian bracelets, and classical portraits from the 1500's are all under the same roof, all part of a very silent and quirky show.

Scribbling #1: a quote from Agnes Martin 1973 (i forget what her art looked like, but i remember something about her move from NYC to Santa Fe, NM...interestingly enough escaped the city and ventured into arid desert)

The adventurous state of mind is a high house
To enjoy life, the adventurous state of mind must be grasped and maintained
The essential feature of adventure is that it is a going forward into unknown territory
The joy of adventure is unaccountable
This is the attractiveness of art work. It is aventurous, strenuous, and joyful.

-Agnes Martin, 1973

Scribbling #2: from the african art jewelry case, a casted ring with a peanut on the top of it...

and this is all i wrote: plant peanuts, not corn.
i remember this is something about peanuts coming back every year, where corn you plant every year, referring to long love, long life.

Scribbles or no, these are some of the great things i love about the city. Reminders that we are human, and why we are complex humans.

I did finish two rings today that have been works in progress for some time, and it is good to have them beautifully together...instead of bitty pieces just waiting patiently... And its fall here in Montana, my favorite season.