Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall is my favorite time of year.

Hands down, my favorite.

I love color.

crisp mornings.

cozy homes.

hot tea.

and baking.


I love sitting in my studio space, not feeling bad about slowing the day down.

I love wandering around in my yard, getting acquainted with all the change in the season.

Not working this fall has really been a blessing.

I can stop.

and listen to myself.



Take time to fall in love again with metal.

and grow.

maybe draw again.



There's a can of paint for the nemesis wall sitting here.

sparkling sage.

that's it's paint chip name.

try 'er out. maybe.

oh, and I cleaned up my space.

It looks and feels good.

The bungalito sits waiting for me...

we have to move it soon.

have you ever moved a building before?

I guess it's kind of a big project.


not something you just. do.

So for now my clean little corner of the house will be just fine.


There's echinacea tea waiting for me, and maybe a nap.

Fall is here.

which means,

winter ain't too far behind.

and it's cold season.

time to amp up the immune system.



fall is here.