Sunday, October 23, 2011

better late than never....Harmony's debut

oh Harmony.

Harmony is the youngest of three sisters.....and the most patient.

Bold in her subtle ways. She is the most balanced of the three sisters, but not boring by any means.....She's a little quieter and a little more complicated than her other sisters, but she carries a fiery heart and a charm about her that is sometimes referred to as "depth of character". She is most definitely an old soul.

ain't she purdy.

Harmony folks.

Welcome to the family.

This is the last of the three sisters.

I finally finished it.

not exactly proud of my timeline.

But I learned a lot.

So now I have Glory and Harmony, and Grace has already flown the coop.

She was always so restless anyway.


In other awesome news...

I have a front porch!