Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring in Missoula!

Spring Art Fair

that time of year!

Come say Hi if you're in the Missoula Area!
I love to see all your shining faces : )

There are many great things I will be packing along...
many creations this past week in the studio....
lots of stacker rings.
copper earrings.
big stone stuff.
tons of earrings....
(at least it feels like tons!)

Been Busy hammering away at these babies....

copper scoops. brass bowls. shiny awesomes.

School is almost wrapped up and so it will be nice to head out of town for a long weekend away, even if it is sort of a work-get-away for Jesse and I both. We are headed in the "Prius"....Jesse's big man truck, the Ford F-350 we have dubbed so because of it's horrible gas mileage. We're dragging along his work trailer, Tex, a kayak, two bikes, and all my Jewels for the weekend - thus gas mileage will be at it's suckiest- BUT I am very much looking forward to getting out of town, going to my favorite shoppies in Missou, and seeing a few dear friends. I can't even believe it's already into spring shows....soon it will be the madness and creative chaos of the summertime...I am looking forward to it!

Come say Hi if you're around.
(if you mention this post or the one on facebook, I will gladly give you a big ol' hug,
and 20% any purchase at the show)

Much love, Erin