Monday, April 2, 2012

Hope for Hens


Baby Chicks!

Jesse and I decided it was time to don our own flock of backyard chickens.
Limit 6 in Whitefish.

Hopefully they are all Hens, because it's yet to be decided who has to don the butcher knife for the impending rooster issue. I sure as heck don't want to chop any heads! We got these ladies for eggs, and supposedly will have them by the end of August. Currently they reside in the kitchen, in tupperware.

We have 2 Rhode Island Reds, 3 Black Stars, and one Silver Wyandotte (my personal fave so far, she *I hope* is so stinkin' funny, and will grow up to be a beautiful bird. I admit, it's the reason I chose her.) Nobody has names yet, but I am thinking one of the RIR's is gonna be Houdini, who is proving to be a little escape artist already.

I know nothing about chickens. Literally, NOTHING.

Except for I like eggs, and I don't want a rooster,
Their poop is gold, and they eat table scraps.

tips or suggestions welcome.

So many things happening in the next few weeks, April's Spring is going to zoom right on by....School is only 5 more weeks long! There's a student art show next week, I am taking wax carving lessons from the lovely Jeri once a week or so, I am re-creating an engagement ring for my dear and very pregnant friend in CAD class in a very scary 14k gold with real diamonds from her old ring (and If that isn't a case of nerves, I don't know what is) and the UC Art show is sneaking up closer and closer.

Plus. I want a garden.

all my own.

A big one.


Since Jesse and I have been together
(5 years to be exact, can you believe that!)
We have always shared a lovely family garden.

But it's time for our own.

Something that truly is Ours.

That we build together.

And I am very ready for that.

I want Raspberries. And Rhubarb. And Asparagus.
Plum Trees and Pickling Cucumbers.
I have crazy seeds I want to try, and things I don't even know if they grow here.
I want permanent strawberries, and Perennial Herbs.
I want the coolest chicken coop you've ever seen,
and THREE bins for compost.
I want raised beds, and electricity.
Sunflowers everywhere, in all types and colors.

I was told prayer flags weren't allowed.

Too hippie for Jess.
but we all know they'll end up in there anyway : )

I want it all, and I want it my way. hehe.


Kind of.

: )